Tablao, Universal

María, La Portuguesa

Mísa y Martirio

Para Amalia

Duerme negrito

Lysia Condé

Lysia Condé, canal 3

River man

Lizz Wright

Freedom & Surrender, Concorde

No ordinary love

Emma Larsson

Sing to the sky, Origin Records

Stella by starlight


Robert Glasper

Covered, Capitol Records



Laurie Antonioli

Songs of shadow, Songs of light

Big yellow taxi

Joni Mitchell

Big yellow taxi

Counting crows

Winning A Battle, Losing The War

Winning A Battle, Losing The War – Andy Votel Mix (Versus)

Toxic Girl – Monte Carlo 1963 (Versus)

Singing Softly To Me (Quiet is the New Loud)

I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From – Röyksopp Remix (Versus)

Failure – Alfie Version (Versus)

The Weight Of My Words – Four Tet Instrumental (Versus)

The Girl From Back Then – Riton’s Über Jazz Mix              (Versus)

Leaning Against The Wall – Bamboo Soul Mix     (Versus)

Little Kids (Quiet is the New Loud)

Little Kids – Ladytron Fruits Of The Forest Mix(Versus)

Summer On The West Hill  (Quiet is the New Loud)

Parallel Lines  (Quiet is the New Loud)

My Ship Isn’t Pretty (Declaration Of Dependence)

Power Of Not Knowing                (Declaration Of Dependence)

Peacetime Resistance   (Declaration Of Dependence)

Kings of Convenience



Vilma Timonen Quartet (Drops, Bafe´s Factory)


Manish Vyas ( Alma Bhakti, New Earth)

New moon

Chinmaya Dunster

VVAA (Presence, a collection, New Earth)

Schein und widerschein

Deuter ( Illumination of the heart, New Earth)



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