Coral Gables 
L’Ambience, L’Orange 
Maliblue Dream Sequence 
Tuned To Monochrome – Gregg Kowalsky
Everything Connected  – Jon Hopkins
Treefingers – Radiohead
#14 – Aphex Twin
Pulse – Steve Reich, International Contemporary Ensemble
In the Air – Michele Mercure


Veilchenwurzeln – Roedelius
Schöne Hände – Cluster, Brian Eno
Organum: IV. Part 4 – Peter Michael Hamel
In the Air – Michele Mercure
Love On Other Planets  – Woo
Broken Clouds – Gaussian Curve
Let it Play: Let it Play: Part I 
Mandala: Mandala: Opening – Peter Michael Hamel
Spirit of Peace: Part I. – Florian Fricke, Terry Riley
Dubwise – Monoton, Konrad Becker

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